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      OPPO Enco Q1

      OPPO Enco Q1

      Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

      Tune Out Noise with Just a Tap

      OPPO Enco Q1
      Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
      Tune Out Noise with Just a Tap
      Tune Out Noise
      with Just a Tap
      Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
      3 Types of Immersive Audio Effects
      15-Hour Play Time in Noise Cancelling Mode
      Flexible Contoured Neckband

      Midnight Black

      Sunny Orange

      Silver White

      Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling

      Enter a World of Quiet

      Hybrid active noise cancelling combines both feed-forward and feedback microphones to maximize the range of frequencies that can be reduced and the extent of the noise reduction. When you're ready to block out the noise around you, just put on your headphones and escape into your own world with the press of a button.

      Feed-forward microphone

      Feedback microphone

      Environmental noise

      Inverse signal

      Internal microphone for calls

      All-new digital noise cancellation chip

      All-New Digital Noise Cancellation

      Protect Your Hearing in Real Time

      An all-new digital noise cancellation chip accurately calculates and cancels out surrounding noise in real time, so you no longer have to turn up the volume to compete with loud environments. Audio sounds just as clear as in a quiet environment, safeguarding your hearing. And thanks to an additional environmental noise cancellation algorithm, your voice can be heard clearly during calls.
      Professional Noise Cancellation
      Design That Works in Different Environments
      Professional Noise Cancellation Design That
      Works in Different Environments
      OPPO's acoustics team combines noise control theory with a wealth of experience to bring you powerful noise reduction capabilities you have to try to believe.
      OPPO Enco Q1
      Leading competitor’s product
      More noise reduced
      Less noise reduced
      Traffic noise
      Daily life noise
      A Snug Fit for Additional Noise Reduction
      Fits comfortably   /  Won't fall out   /  No swelling or soreness
      ? Fits comfortably   ? Won't fall out    ? No swelling or soreness
      Ergonomically designed to match the contours of your ear, these headphones stay secure even when you're on the move. In-ear SoftFit silicone ear tips keep your ears comfortable all day, and form an additional physical barrier to seal out noise.
      Feel the Bass with Supersized Dynamic Drivers
      Massive 11.8 mm high-resolution dynamic driver units with PEEK+PU composite diaphragms make every frequency shine, from booming bass to a rich midrange to crystal-clear treble. AAC audio format is supported to bring out even the smallest details, so you can experience the full impact of your music.

      Feedback microphone

      11.8 mm dynamic driver

      Feed-forward microphone

      Perfectly Tuned Audio Your Ears Will Love
      Building on 15 years of experience in audio technology, OPPO's R&D experts in Blu-ray player tuning have made sure your OPPO Enco Q1 headphones produce breathtakingly clear audio that sounds just like real life.
      Music Mode
      Dive into immersive stereo sound for a surging, powerful music experience designed for total enjoyment.
      Cinema Mode
      Enhanced bass surround and 3D effects let you enjoy Hollywood blockbusters in cinema-quality audio everywhere you go.
      Game Mode
      Enhanced in-game acoustic positioning effects give you the most complete gaming experience possible. Locate your enemies by sound and claim victory!
      Extra-Long Play Time for Serious Listeners
      Say goodbye to constant charging, thanks to a 160 mAh battery and built-in power-optimizing technology. Enjoy 15-hour play time in noise cancelling mode—enough to last for an entire cross-hemisphere flight. A 10-minute charge gives you 2 hours of play time, making OPPO Enco Q1 headphones just as portable for spontaneous excursions.
      • 15 Hour

        Play time in noise
        cancelling mode

      • 22 Hour

        Run time for either noise
        cancelling or playback

      • 300 Hour

        Standby time

      • 2 Hour

        Charging time


      1. Play time test data is based on OPPO laboratory tests performed in Music mode at 50% speaker volume.

      2. Play time is shorter in Cinema mode and Game mode, and will vary according to actual use.

      Flexible Contoured Neckband

      So Comfortable, You'll Forget It's There.

      Hand-polished and finished with a special comfort coating, the OPPO Enco Q1's flexible contoured neckband rests as lightly as a feather on your skin. With its flowing shape that matches the contours of your neck and superlight 42-gram design, you'll barely notice it's there.
      Shape-Memory Material
      A built-in titanium alloy thread lets your neckband flex for a comfortable fit and then quickly regain its original shape.
      IPX4 Water Resistance
      Professionally tested IPX4-level water resistance means your headphones are protected from everyday spills and splashes.
      Magnetized Earbuds
      No more detangling, no more fumbling—just relax and let the earbuds come together.
      Call Up Your Personal Assistant
      A quick double-press of the Multi-function Button activates the voice assistant, giving you hands-free control of your device.
      • How do I get to Hyde Park?
      • What's the weather like in London today?
      • Set a reminder for my meeting at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
      • Help me download TikTok.
      • Play a song by Jay Chou.
      • What's the address for OPPO's website?
      Note: This operation is supported only when the headphones are paired with a mobile phone that has a voice assistant. For information about compatibility, check with your mobile phone's manufacturer or local distributor.
      Quick-Pairing Performance for Total Wireless Freedom
      With your quick-pairing equipped OPPO phone nearby, one tap is all it takes to make the connection. Bluetooth 5.0 support ensures long-range connection stability for high-quality sound transmission.

      1. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 or lower; Android and iOS supported.

      2. Tested 10-meter transmission range in open, interference-free environments (based on OPPO laboratory trials).

      Enjoy Three-Button Control You Can Master in No Time
      • Mode Button

        ? ANC on/off: press once

        ? Music/Cinema/Game mode: double-press

      • Volume Buttons

        ? Volume up/down: press +/-

        ? Next/previous track: press +/- and hold for 1s

      • Multi-Function Button

        ? Power on: press and hold for 2s

        ? Power on and pair: press and hold for 6s

        ? Power off: press and hold for 4s

        ? Play/pause: press once

        ? Answer/end a call: press once

      Multi-Function Button

      Volume Buttons

      Mode Button

      OPPO Enco Q1
      Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Specification
      • Model

      • Color

        Midnight Black
        Sunny Orange
        Silver White
      • Driver

        11.8 mm dynamic driver
      • Impedance

        32 Ω
      • Driver sensitivity

        99 dB @ 1kHz
      • Frequency response range

        20 Hz — 20 kHz
      • Bluetooth version

        BT 5.0
      • Wireless range

        10 m
      • Music play time (50% volume)

        15 h (ANC ON) / 22 h (ANC OFF)
      • Standby time

        22 h (ANC ON) / 300 h (ANC OFF)
      • Charging time

        2 h
      • Charging port

        USB Type-C
      • Water resistance

      • Weight

        42 g
      • Notes:
      • 1. The noise cancelling function works best in low-frequency noise environments, such as airplanes, trains, and offices (near air conditioners, etc.). Results are less pronounced around higher-frequency noise, such as nearby voices.
      • 2. Play time test data is based on OPPO laboratory tests performed in Music mode at 50% speaker volume. Specific times for charging and use will vary according to actual circumstances. Play time is shorter in Cinema mode and Game mode, and will vary according to actual use.
      • 3. Due to performance characteristics of Bluetooth headphones, electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment may impact their signal stability.
      • 4. Due to the performance characteristics of wireless technology, sounds and images may become desynchronized during video or game play.
      • 5. IPX4 water resistance cannot guarantee damage prevention under extreme conditions. Avoiding use of the headphones during intense exercise is recommended to prevent damage due to sweating.
      • 6. Quick pairing and power level check capabilities are supported by the OPPO Reno 2, Reno, Reno 10X, and K3, and will be supported by other models soon.
      • 7. The above product materials and product data are for reference only. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to supplier replacement. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.